About us

AAT is a global company with offices and represetitives around the world. We develop universal metroogy software products that works on any measuring device such as Coordinate Measuring Machines as an original measuring software or as an upgrade software and  "In Process Metrology" software that can run on any manufacturing system to program and run similar to a CMM. We also develop a number of special measurement application software and options. AAT is also involved in system upgrades, retrofits and refurbishment of old systems; Integrate our software products with new machines to provide a turn key solutions; training, programming service and calibration of measurement systems.

Our History

AAT was incorporated in July 1987 by Ray Karadayi  for the purpose of developing 3D graphics and CAD based online and offline measurement software products. CAPPS was developed to be the first 3D measurement software that can run online with many different CMMs.Although CAPPS was first developed in PC DOS environment, it was developed with an intuitive user interface which supported multiple windows like screens within itself.

Over the years, AAT stayed as an indpendent software company and developed multiple products for many different dimensional measurement applications. Because of the great interest from the market for our CAPPS package as there was no other CAD based online measurement software at that time, many customers and CMM manufacturers were interested in usnig CAPPS and allowed AAT to developed direct interfaces with many different CMM controllers. CappsNC was first introduced in 1993 as the first direct controlled CMM software working on machining centers.

As we are celerating our 25th year anniversary, AAT is enjoying a great phase of growth thanks to our ability to provide a universal solution that can operate any type of measuring device and manufacturing sytem with our CAPPS family of products. With this, we are allowing manufactureres use Metrology as a tool that is used directly on the manufacturing system to enhance manufacturing process and further validate by using the same software on their quality control departments.