CAPPS Laser Point Cloud



  • Laser interface and Point Cloud measurement functionality integrated into online or offline CappsDMIS software.
  • True multi sensor capability by calibrating laser to other touch and analog probes.
  • Easy configuration and setup for laser and automatic switch from laser to touch probes.
  • Calibrate Laser by using a master ball for any position of the probe head.
  • Measure and display Geometry, GD&T and Point Cloud all in the same graphical measurement.
  • Measure and store point cloud as a measured feature data with no limit to number of data in each point cloud.
  • Graphically visualize laser in 3D graphics and in the DRO for easy programming.
  • Create any measurement or point cloud in different layers or colors for easy data handling.
  • Intuitive editing option for point clouds for clean up, merge, and filter.
  • Shade point cloud that to create realistic image and export to STL or ASC file.
  • Measure point clouds to calculate geometrical features; user point cloud as a virtual part to create inspection reports.
  • Generate automatic sections on the point cloud data in any direction to create curve and compare curves to CAD.
  • Compare data to a CAD model for numerical or intuitive color reports.




AAT offers numerous laser scanners that are compatible with CAPPS Laser Point Cloud. Click the button below to see the laser scanners we offer.






Point Cloud Data

Scan Data of actual AAT part

Datapixel model in action

Data Pixel Model with Scan Data