Laser Retrofit Components


AAT NxSensor-I

The AAT NxSensor-I is the most cost-saving sensor/scanner in its class and suitable for middle- and low-accuracy applications. It uses a single laser stripe to sense the measured object and provides 480 points per acquisition while outputting up to 6,400 points per second.

A multi-wire adaptor to Renishaw PH10M/MQ is optional for each nxSensor. The adaptor allows the sensor/scanner to scan objects from all orientations without requalification. This will automate your entire scanning and extremely improve the scanning efficiency.

  • Sophisticated Laser Technology for Non-contact sensing
  • Advanced Digital Imaging Technology
  • Embedded Digital Signal Processor
  • Auto-learn & Auto-track Functions
  • Modeled in CAPPS

OptiScan 1040-L

The OptiScan 1040-L is another option to transform your CMM into a powerful high speed scanning device. It has full compatibility with the Renishaw PH10 series and Renishaw multi-wire. It?s also compatible with Renishaw ACR auto-changer rack for quick changes from your standard touch or analogue probing. The OptiScan is all you need to transform your CMM in a powerful high speed scanning device.

  • Full compatibility with Renishaw PH10.
  • Standard Renishaw multi-wire compatible.
  • Compatible with Renishaw ACR auto-changer rack.
  • Fully Functional with CAPPS Software
  • Modeled in CAPPS


Package includes:

  • OptiScan H-1040-L optical probe
  • OptiScan HCU-1000 control unit
  • Cable set to CMM>
  • User manual and calibration sphere.