CappsNC Machine Tool Feedback

CappsNC has options to perform automatic adjusments to manufacturing process by calcuating work offsets,  cutter tool compensations or by using variables that could be used to control the cutting tool program flow.

Work Offset Feedback: This could be done by either using a location feature or calculating a complex alignment, i.e best-fitting a surface profile to a CAD model. Any work offset on the controllers own method can updated for translation and rotation allowing a 6dof fitting. The works offset feedback is programmed into the measurement DMIS programme and can be updated automatically as the program is being executed or displayed by the user verification before updating on the controller.

Cutter Tool Compensation: This can be pefromed for any number of cutting tools by calculating the error profiles of shapes cut by each cutting tool and applying a method of compensation designated by the programmer for length, radius or combination of both.